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Hello! I’m Eva Tamez Trevino, and welcome to the official website of Body In Harmony.

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About Eva

My journey started after I finished medical school in my country of origin. I continued my education to obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate. After several years and due to personal reasons, I decide it was time to explore alternative ways of healing.

In my mission to help others restore balance within themselves, I began Body In Harmony. I offer in-person and distant healing sessions at my location in Davis, California. I use different modalities of complementary therapies, these include Biofield Tuning, Reiki, vibroacoustic therapy, bioenergy balancing and sound therapy, among others.

After considering several sound healing modalities, I felt Biofield Tuning could be the answer to my dilemma. It provided me with a method that can support emotional, cognitive, and physical balance, and can be perceived not only by the practitioner but also by the person who is receiving it. This led me to become a Biofield Tuning-certified practitioner under the instruction of Eileen Day McKusick, the creator of the method.

I’m also bilingual, which allows me to speak English and Spanish to my clients. I have a background in medicine and research. When life presented me with health challenges that my medical background cannot solve, I applied the same discipline and rigor in my quest for alternative methodologies, hoping that they would help me restore my health. I decided it was time to explore alternative ways of healing.

One thing that stayed with me during my training as a doctor was something that I observed during my internship year at a hospital. I noticed that some of the interns would develop a connection with the patients.

Interns would talk to them, sit at their bedside, ask them about their families, take the time to explain the procedures, and reassure them. Many of these patients had a faster and better recovery. I then understood that seeing and listening to the person was a crucial part in the healing process.

I believe each person is different, so everyone should be approached correspondingly to restore their balance. I also believe that all healing has its own time, and every person’s journey is individual. It is not a one size fits all. We are all a unique mixture born of our conditioning, genetic makeup, life imprints, etc. That is the reason why I listen to you and your body during a session. I tailor all sessions accordingly.​

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